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Some of the delicious dishes on our menu

Tasty starters

Duet of smoked salmon with mini fried potato ‘rösti’ and a salad garnish
11,80 €
Mixed leaf salad with home-made dressing
4,20 €
Large mixed salad with home-made dressing and king prawns fried in olive oil
12,80 €


Rich beef broth with strips of beef and semolina dumplings
4,10 €
Boiled beef broth with liver and sausagemeat dumplings
4,20 €

From fields, forests and water – finest food, locally produced

Oven-roasted shoulder of pork with rich beer gravy, potato dumplings and coleslaw
10,80 €
Braised venison ragout in a cranberry and blackcurrant sauce, served with slices of bread dumpling
14,20 €
Medallions of pork tenderloin with fried mushrooms in a delicate creamy herb sauce, served with fresh vegetables and home-made ‘spätzle’ noodles
14,20 €
Traditional Allgäu roast beef and onion hotpot with home-made cheese ‘spätzle’ noodles and a mixed side salad
15,80 €
Pan-fried fillet of perch with courgettes, cherry tomatoes and baby potatoes
15,90 €

No meat - but still tasty!

Baked potato with herby creme fraiche and a salad garnish
7,20 €
Allgäu-style cheese ‘spätzle’ noodles with fried onions and a mixed side salad
9,20 €

For smaller appetites

Allgäu sausage salad made with saveloy sausage, red onion rings, pickled gherkin and served with local bread
7,20 €
Home-made brawn with a herb vinaigrette, served with local bread
7,50 €
Home-made meatballs, served with potato salad
7,80 €
A selection of South Tyrolean bacon, Emmental cheese, mountain cheese, smoked sausage and pickled gherkin, served with local bread
11,80 €
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